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Do You Have a Post-Divorce Life Plan?


post-divorce life plan

Do you have a life plan? If not, why not? Especially after a divorce, females should have their own future aims and aspirations clearly mapped out and organized.

If you think you’re too busy to sit down and create your own post-divorce life scheme, consider the following:

In a 1953 study conducted at Yale University, students in the graduate class were interviewed and asked whether they had a life plan, with a set of written objectives. Less than 3% had a clear plan of action and written aims. Twenty years later, researchers re-interviewed students. The 3% that had written objectives had a net worth larger than the other 97% combined! As well, the 3% reported a higher level of life satisfaction than their counterparts who had no action plan or written goals.

A higher level of life gratification seems like a good reason to finally sit and come up with a life plan, don’t you think? It isn’t difficult, but it will require some time and attempt on your proportion. You will need to mark off a time slot in your busy schedule.

Supply yourself with a favorite pen, some paper or a journal and then complete the following helpful steps 😛 TAGEND

Deciding What is Important

I would suggest a life plan based on a 6-month, 1-year, or 5-year period. Once you have decided how far out “youre supposed to” scheme, start your list.

Define the important aspects of your life. For example, you may value health, household, friends, spiritual growth, and career advancement( not inevitably in that order ). If possible, prioritize what you feel is important and set them into categories. You can then violate them down into subcategories.

Define What You Want

After you build your listing, it’s time to set your goals. You might want to start with a broad description of a aim, and then defined a specific and clearly defined “subcategory” with a deadline. For instance, if career issues are important to you, you may define a aim that you will take steps A, B and C to help you move forward in your career. A, B and C would be subcategories to your career goal.

Make sure that the goals that you have defined are goals that you genuinely want to achieve , not goals that someone else thinks you should attain. This isn’t about doing what you think your mothers want you to do with their own lives or trying to please a significant other. This plan is being put in place so that you can reach what you feel is important for your life.

Getting What You Want 😛 TAGEND

After listing your goals, it is time to think about what has to be done in order for you to achieve those goals. For instance, if you listed career as national priorities you may have listed a subcategory of taking University classes that will help you move up in your prefer profession. You now have to determine how you will achieve that goal. What classes are best suited? Where will the money come from? Will you be able to take online courses or will you have to attend class? Cover every aspect of the steps you are required to take to achieve the goals you have listed.

A Return on Your Effort 😛 TAGEND

Keep your written life scheme in a place where you can refer to it often. My son which has recently moved away from college has a corkboard in his room. He has his plan tacked to the board of directors together with photos that exemplify the goals he wishes to achieve. He calls it his inspiration board. Doing this means being constantly reminded that you have a scheme and what steps you need to take to achieve the goals, which will keep your plan on track.

After you achieve a aim you have set, reward yourself. Indulge in some chocolate, buy a sexy new bra, or simply give yourself a mental pat on the back. You will have taken a step towards more satisfaction in life because you took action. The satisfaction you will feel from taking action is likely to be the first return you get when setting a life plan.

I wish you much success and gratification!

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