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In the News: Catching Up with the Small Business Persons of the Year


We’d be remiss if we let National Small Business Week go without mentioning the event’s champions, as it were.

Small Business Trends was able to catch up with the duo the U.S. Small Business Administration named the 2019 National Small Business Persons of the Year. They’re Jennifer and Jeffrey Herbert. They own Superstition Meadery, a company they started in Prescott, Arizona, only back in 2012.

In our interview with them, we find out the key to their early success in business and you can find out how you can imitate it.

For the rest of the week in small business news, check out our weekly roundup below 😛 TAGEND Small Business Operations Nextiva Launches NextOS Suite for Small Business Communication

Nextiva just announced a new situated of tools for businesses called the Nextiva Business Suite. And this includes the Nextiva Business Communication Suite and the Nextiva Customer Relationship Suite. What Nextiva’s New Suite Can Do Basically, the Nextiva Business Communication Suite blends Nextiva’s voice communication answers with CRM.

Startup FirstData Launches CloverAchievers to Boost Small Businesses

Welcome to Clover, the cloud-based payments platform from FirstData. Clover simply announced a new initiative called CloverAchievers. Check out this competition designed to reward business owners who are striving to grow beyond the status quo. All different types of small businesses may enter the contest.

50 Genuinely Weird Restaurant Ideas from Around the US

You’ll currently find more than a million restaurant locations across the U.S. And the industry brings in more than $825 billion a year. But forget about all those restaurants in seemingly every location across the country. Room for growth still exists. Find yourself interested in jumping into the restaurant industry? First find a unique angle.

Reasoning About Applying for an Industry Award? There is 11 Things to Consider First

One of the best ways to connect with potential clients and investors is through business or industry awards. Awards can give your brand or company weight, validate your skills and abilities, generate buzz and give those spend money with your company the confidence that they are contributing to an already successful project or product.

Nextiva Names Former Apple Executive Marc Stoll as Next President and COO

Nextiva has a new President and Chief Operating Officer. Marc Stoll previously worked at Apple. Stoll served as VP Worldwide Sales Finance during the Steve Jobs era. Small Business Trends contacted him via email to find out about his plans for the cloud communications company.

Technology Tendencies Fascinating Predictions about Facebook Messenger Marketing That Can Help Your Business Grow

When it comes to Facebook Messenger chatbots , we as marketers are in the thick of it. We’re devising Messenger strategies, assembling chatbot sequences, and racking up wins for our companies and clients. But what’s the future of Facebook chatbot marketing? We have some predictions.

Marketing Tips 3 Quick and Easy Website Personalization Tactics to Boost Conversion

Personalization lies at the heart of delivering a great user experience. You’ll detect this true whether “youre running” a blog or SaaS business.Or whether you operate an e-commerce website. Your guests will always appreciate get personal attention from you. No one likes to be cast into a “general” category and treated as “just another user”.

Attention: Social Media Marketing is No Longer Enough for Your Business

I was recently listening to the Social Media Examiner podcast where Mike Stelzner, founder of SME was talking about the launch of his annual report on the nation of social media marketing. The nutshell, from what I can recollect, is as follows: Facebook use and overall ad is declining. Sure, it’s still being used but it’s getting harder and harder and more expensive.

How to Get Customers to Your Small Business

As a new business proprietor, the question that maintains you up at night is: How will I get my first clients? The specific answer varies depending on the type of business you have.

Product Listings 20 Places to Find Online Entrepreneur Courses

A well-chosen entrepreneurship course can equip you with the skills you need. They help you develop your idea or conception into a viable business venture. Many courses also provide ongoing resources. They help turn your dream into reality. And they help you avoided many of the common pitfalls that affect new start-up owners.

20 Places Small Business Owners Can Take Online Accounting Courses

Small business owners should master the art of accounting. Because a simple online accounting course can equip you with skills to create more professional financial statements. Or let you forecast fiscal trends. And all this will benefit your business. But you can also learn how to read key performance indicators. Or understand and construe data.

Image: Superstition Meadery/ Facebook

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