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Master Excel to kickstart a career in data analytics by taking this online course



If Friend was set in the present day, and Chandler, Joey, Rachel, and Monica were playing the who-knows-who-best trivia game, the girls would have easily named Chandler’s job, which is, at its very core, a Data Scientist.

Given that companies today are collecting more data than they can handle, data scientists like Chandler are highly sought after. Truth is, it’s not as complicated as it seems.

At its most minimal, you really only need Microsoft Excel and an online bootcamp like this one to get started.

The Excel Data Analyst Certification School offers a trove of e-learning courses that won’t bore you to death. Instead of delivering lessons comprised of deadpan voiceovers and videos from the ‘8 0s like most online bootcamps do, each class features real, hands-on projects that will have you mastering Excel in no time. You’ll gain access to interactive courses that will teach you things like data manipulation, developing business intel reports, and data visualization, and you’ll be challenged with appraisals after each module to validate your learn. You’ll even receive support from a personal mentor so if you get totally lost, you’ll have an actual human at your disposal. Read more …

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